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|2012-05-22| GNSS, Geodesy, Institutions, Conferences

Geodetic control network and ASG-EUPOS integrated

The issue of how to develop control network together with ASG-EUPOS, so that they served effectively the surveyors for many years was discussed during the seminar held at the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography on 21 May.

Geodetic control network and ASG-EUPOS integrated <br />
photo: JP
photo: JP

The meeting was organised to sum up the project of system ASG-EUPOS integration with the geodetic control network. The results of this large-scale survey are in general positive. According to Leszek Jaworski from Space Research Centre at the Polish Academy of Sciences they show good concordance of ASG-EUPOS with EUREF-POL, EUREF and EUVN . For example the average differences between the POLREF and ASG-EUPOS coordinates were 7 mm horizontally. The results in case of I class control network were worse – the average difference was 19 mm, but in case of individual points the difference sometimes was many times bigger.

Jerzy Królikowski

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